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Dr. Tim Stauffer

Supervising Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor  
Sexual Recovery Therapist

Four Counseling Compass Points

Dr. Stauffer helps couples and individuals by:

  1. Providing a safe/supportive environment for the exploration of truth.

  2. Create the emotional space necessary for making positive life changes.

  3. Encourage people towards a solution focus instead of a problem focus.

  4. Foster here & now living anchored to the past and a clear future vision.

Areas of Specialty:

Dr. Tim Stauffer, a full-time counseling professor at Liberty University, has limited clinical availability. He works with highly motivated couples and individuals in three areas of specialty and focus. He will provide referrals for counseling needs outside of his scope of practice:

   1. Marriage Counseling & Enrichment

Is your relationship suffering? Dr. Stauffer can help. He specializes in helping couples identify and correct troubling relational patterns, foster intimacy, and deepen emotional connection within their marriage.

Dr. Stauffer takes a structured approach to marital therapy utilizing the Gottman Method and assessments in his work. He has completed Level 2 training at the Gottman Institute. Please visit for more detail so you can make an informed decision about his approach and the associated fees for assessment and therapy. 

Additionally, Dr. Stauffer is dedicated to helping couples with challenging relational and sexual betrayal issues. He is confident that many more traumatized marriages can be saved with evidence-based interventions grounded in time-tested theories. Building a good marriage takes hard work. Most people see the investment of time and resources as helpful. Marriages that have suffered betrayal and deep trauma are not a lost cause, and with a healthy dose of courage, humility, and honesty, couples may be able to build a mutually satisfying marriage.

Some couples seeking counseling are not ready for traditional relationship-enhancing marital therapy. It is not uncommon for either or both individuals to be ambivalent about repairing or building a healthy marriage following relational betrayal. One person may lean towards divorce, while the other wants to save and repair it. Dr. Stauffer will help you do this essential work before starting more traditional relationship-enhancing therapy.

Starting in the Spring of 2023, Dr. Stauffer will offer a limited number of two-day (10 hours) marital intensives. This approach is not for everyone but is an excellent option for others. Please visit his website for additional information and reach out to Tim with questions you may have.

   2. Sexual Addiction Recovery

Is pornography or sex addiction wrecking your life and relationships? Dr. Stauffer can help. He is a sexual addiction specialist trained and competent in treating people with sexual addictions. He earned certification as a Sexual Recovery Therapist through the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy. 

Dr. Stauffer offers a very limited number of individual sessions. Please review to learn more about sexual addiction recovery and associated fees so that you can make an informed decision about starting work with Tim.

   3. Personal & Spiritual Growth

Talking helps if it is the right kind of conversation. Dr. Stauffer has many clients who do not have clearly articulated counseling goals besides just having a professional to listen, ask vital questions, and provide feedback related to the complexities of life, work, and relationships. Tim may be a good fit for you if you need a space to discuss life challenges and explore possibilities of change and growth.


Dr. Stauffer is a committed Christian with significant training in theological and Christian ministry studies. He holds a two-year diploma from Rosedale Bible College in Christian Ministry, an undergraduate Bible minor from Cedarville University, graduate studies in Ministry leadership at Crown College, and graduate core theology studies at Ashland Seminary. Dr. Stauffer’s completed his Ph.D. at Regent University, where the ethical integration of faith and counseling was emphasized. Please be sure to speak with Dr. Stauffer if you desire to integrate faith into the counseling process.


Dr. Stauffer welcomes clients from all walks of life, religions, or those who do not embrace a formal faith tradition at all. If you are concerned about an unwelcomed imposition of faith and values in counseling, please know that Tim is committed to the ethical mandate of his counseling license to avoid the imposition of personal values onto the client. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with him.  


Dr. Stauffer delivers in-person therapy in the Dublin Oh, office and has a limited number of early morning telehealth options. As a general practice Dr. Stauffer begins therapy assessments in-person and if telehealth is a viable option that can discussed and scheduled.


Dr. Stauffer is not in-network with insurance companies and will not submit insurance claims for clients. Superbill receipts are available upon request. Some of his services may be reimbursed others may not. Please see contact your insurance company to understand covered services. Most insurance plans do not cover treatment for marriage counseling. Fees are collect at the time services are delivered regardless of insurance coverage. Please visit so you can make an informed decision related to counseling fees and the use of insurance benefits.

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